We rely on our extensive knowledge and experience along with our dedicated and reliable sub-contractors to deliver the best possible service at the best value for money.

The Design, Planning, Quotation & Payment Process


We’ll work with you to get some ideas on paper and provide you with two estimates before any money changes hands. One estimate for the design and planning stage, and one for the actual work.


If you’re happy to proceed with design and planning we will then provide you with plans and go through them with you before submitting them for planning permission if required. Once planning is accepted we’ll provide you with detailed plans and a specification.

If you Already Have Planning Permission

To provide you with a detailed quotation we'll need to meet and view the site of the proposed works.


We’ll provide you with a detailed quote for the works, pricing every aspect individually. Now that you have the plans/specifications you also have the opportunity to get some alternative quotes for comparison.

Acceptance & Contract

Provided you are happy with our quote, we will schedule the work with you to ensure the timescales meet your requirements as best as possible. We will also arrange the specifics of a contract with you.


In most cases our payment schedule is as follows:

We require a 10% deposit 1 month before work commences. Each aspect will be invoiced separately upon completion. The final 5% is then contracted to be payable 6 months after building control signs off the work, in case there are any problems that come to light during that time.

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